A.E.S. UXO President Terrence R. Young SR

A Veteran of the United States Army Combat Engineers and Defense Center Trained Ammunition Manager with over 30 years in ordnance related management and demilitarization. Mr. Young serves as Chief Executive Officer specializing in Explosives Management, Explosives Safety, Explosives Transportation and technical advisor in all facets of the company. His civil service positions include SME Hawthorne Army Depot, Ammunition Demil Chief Hawthorne Army Depot, Training Chief Hawthorne Army Depot, and USMC Reserves Ammunition Chief. 


A.E.S. UXO Vice President James Ratcliff


A Veteran of the United States Army and retired decorated E.O.D. Specialist in the Army with over 30 years of combined military service and contractor experience of  UXO reclamation. Mr. Ratcliff serves as Chief Operations Officer, Senior SUXO, Senior Project Manager, and Expert advisor to all Conventional and Chemical weapons and/or munitions issues.  Mr. Ratcliff United States Corp of Engineers number 0057 illustrates the fact that his knowledge, experience, and professionalism far exceeds most in the occupation of UXO reclamation. 


is a Veteran owned company that through a solid core of expert staff, we offer expertise in the Cradle to Grave project management of military and industry explosives and explosive waste. This is to include removal, demolition, and management of unexploded ordnance and explosive waste.